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Live Upgrade installing and patching Sun Cluster 3.2

Firstly it seemed a little bit strange, but the following procedure worked for us

1st. Lets create a State File!

# lumount s10u9

Dont miss the next Step or your Upgrade willl break and you dont know in case you done everything correctly!!

You may remember that Oracle bougth Sun... wink ?

As first Step Oracle placed the Logo in every file they could get hold of, unfortunately nobodody told it the Sun Cluster Team. laugh

you have to Edit the release Info in your new Boot Environment

vi /.alts10u9/etc/release


:dw Oracle

should look like this: Solaris 10 9/10 s10s_u9wos_14a SPARC


press ESC

:wq! Now we're done and are able to proceed succesfully. wink


ls -l /.alt.s10u9/usr/java -> jdk1.6.XXX

#  cd /var/tmp/cluster/Solaris_sparc
#  ./installer -no -nodisplay -saveState /tmp/scstatefile

    Only select the Agents you need. Also select the Option Configure later!


| Enter a comma separated list of products to install, or press R to refresh      |
|  the list [] {"<" goes back, "!" exits}: 5,7                                    |
|   Enter a comma separated list of components to install (or A to install all )  |
|Component Selection - Selected Product "Sun Cluster Agents 3.2 11/09             |
| [A] {"<" goes back, "!" exits} 15,19                                            |
|    Do you want to add multilanguage support now?                                |
|                                                                                 |
|1. Yes                                                                           |
|2. No   <-------Select!                                                          |
| Enter your choice [1] {"<" goes back, "!" exits} 2                              |
| Enter 1 to upgrade these shared components and 2 to cancel [1] {"<" goes        |
|  back, "!" exits}: 1                                                            |
|   Enter 1 to continue [1] {"<" goes back, "!" exits} 1                          |
|   1. Configure Now - Selectively override defaults or express through           |
|                                                                                 |
|2. Configure Later - Manually configure following installation                   |
|                                                                                 |
|                                                                                 |
|  Select Type of Configuration [1] {"<" goes back, "!" exits} 2                  |
|Ready to Install                                                                 |
|                                                                                 |
|No products have been installed because the "-no" option was entered at the      |
 Product: Java Availability Suite 
Uninstall Location: /var/sadm/prod/SUNWentsyssc32u3 
Space Required: 37.85 MB 
       Sun Cluster 3.2 11/09 
          Sun Cluster Manager 
       Sun Cluster Agents 3.2 11/09 
          Sun Cluster HA for NFS 

1. Install 
2. Start Over 
3. Exit Installation 

  What would you like to do [1] {"<" goes back, "!" exits}? 1 

Java Availability Suite 

The installer itself will stop now.

No need to get into panic, everythings fine.

We will install the Packages with our new State File to the Alternate Root. wink
As i know it looks odd, and you will be wondere, if you see it the first time.

Also again... dont get into panic, have a look at the example:

==================== Example Output: ==============
# ./installer -nodisplay -noconsole -state /tmp/scstatefile -altroot /.alt.s10u9
PSPHelper:getPackageRelativePathMap:DREFacade.getOSMajorReleaseNo() returned :5    |
PSPHelper:getPackageRelativePathMap:DREFacade.getOSMinorReleaseNo() returned :10   |
PSPHelper:getPackageRelativePathMap:DREFacade.getOSMajorReleaseNo() returned :5    |

    cd Product/sun_cluster/Solaris_10/Tools

    ./scinstall -u update -R /.alt.s10u9

    /.alt.s10u9/usr/cluster/bin/scinstall -u update -s all -d /var/tmp/cluster/Solaris_sparc/Product/sun_cluster_agents -R /.alt.s10u9

    cd /var/tmp
    luumount s10u9

   Now we're ready to patch the Cluster with the latest and greatest Patches wink

    luupgrade -t -n s10u9 -s /var/tmp/cluster/patches -l /var/tmp/cluster_patches_error.log
Congrats you're finished with the Upgrades.
  The Fun starts now


Unixhaus am : Liveupgrade Activation

Vorschau anzeigen
If we were succesful with installing and upgrading Cluster, its time for Live Upgrade Activation. - Verify AGAIN ALL Applications are stopped!!! - luactivate -l /var/tmp/luactivate_atc.log s10u9 - Remove the Comments inside your vfstab, and the Zon


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