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WEsunsolve is dead

Unluckily the archived Bugdatabase  available to the Public of the former Sunsolve and Opensolaris Bugtrackers, the only usable Bugdatabase  left in the SUN SOLARIS Universe and Ecosystem , has been closed down.

A real loss......... to be honest.... OTN/MOS is a useless piece of crap and not really usable. Thanks for closing down all usable Ressources.

There's nothing wrong with protecting the IP.

But the question how to treat people and communities supporting former SUN and present Oracle Products on customer sites is completely different stuff.

Sometimes i have the impression Oracle havent heard about Competitors like I"ll"B"e"M"ental".... or H"igh"P"rices".


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Baenker am :

*F*CK!!!!! Meine Lieblingsseite.... nirgends konnte man so gut und schnell die Patchhistorie nachschlagen. --- is closed After nearly two years, it's time to say goodbye... As you might think, Oracle requested the immediate closure of this website and so it is... Please refer to My Oracle Support for Oracle Solaris support. If, by any means, you still wish to contact the author of this website, you can do it by mail or through my twitter account. Also, you can leave a recommendation on my linkedin profile, which will be the last thing which will be kept from this adventure. --- Oder wie mancher noch so sagen könnte: Flash shall hit the oracle headquaters for this, until there's nothing left of that *(/%/(&%&/ company!

Solarix am :

*Tja..... nicht nur Deine Lieblingsseite... ich kenne hier ein Onsite Team... das auch dort zuerst nach geschlagen hat.... vor allem findest DU in dem MOS mal überhaupt NICHTS!!!!

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