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My conky config

or how my conky config made it into my autostart group.

I started searching around for a GUI which showed me the performance of my Laptop. I thought CPU graph would be nice and download speed as a start would be cool.
Playing around an some Ubuntuusers search later I started configuring my conky.

It is a wonderful, powerful, free configurable smart tool which allowed me to grow my needs...

I will show my config and a screenshot ... scroll down and enjoy



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Monitoring mit Nagios Teil I

Hallo liebe Leser, dies ist der Beginn einer Gastbeitragserie vom Netbeisser.

Zum Thema Monitoring und Nagios im speziellen. 

Jetzt uebergebe ich das Wort an den Netbeisser, viel Spass beim Lesen seiner Ausführungen und gebt dem Mann tapfer Feedback. smile

1   Monitoring
1.1 Einleitung
1.2 Passives Monitoring
1.3 Zustaende und Eventhandler
1.4 Aktives Monitoring

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